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Our Services Include:

  • The GDPR and DPA 2018 implementations

  • Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services


We focus on helping medium sized companies implement and maintain compliance to the GDPR in an effective and efficient manner.
This includes:


  • The GDPR Implementation Project – Helping your business identify the GDPR compliance gaps and methods to overcome these

  • The GDPR Compliance Audits – An independent GDPR compliance audit to provide assurance of implemented processes and controls

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments – An effective DPIA that allows your business to identify and fix problems at an early stage.

Virtual DPO

We offer virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) services to small and medium sized companies. These services can be offered virtually or, if within Surrey, on-site. We customise our offering to your company’s needs which can include:

  • Telephonic and/or email advice on compliance with the GDPR and other data protection laws

  • Provision and guidance on GDPR templates and checklists

  • Regular updates on Data Protection requirements

  • Regular security awareness communications

  • Awareness campaigns for the internal teams on data protection issues

  • Staff education and training on data protection requirements

  • Compliance monitoring with the GDPR, other data protection laws, and/or company data protection policies

  • Being the first point of contact for supervisory authorities and for data subjects as well as cooperation with the supervisory authority with breach investigation

  • Advise on data protection impact assessments

  • Reviews on data protection impact assessments

  • Reviews on privacy by design procedures

  • Reviews of suppliers’ compliance to data protection laws

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