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Know if you are hacked? Our experienced team help you with an offensive approach to proactively hunt and respond to even unknown cyber threats. Our services include:

  • Penetration Testing

  • Threat Hunting and Incident Inspection

Penetration Testing

Lacuna Securities’ Penetration Testing activities are customised and targeted to effectively test infrastructure, web applications security and perform source code analysis for possible malicious activity detection. We also utilise social engineering and perform user risks tests against internal security policies.

Clients are often shocked about what we find on their networks that they were unaware of even with their own regular monitoring and testing. Currently these clients include industries within the Government sector, Banking, Telecommunications and Critical Infrastructure Management. We provide insights to these clients that they find invaluable.

Penetration Testing Approach

Our penetration testing is based on the OWASP framework and we provide three service types for you to choose from:

  • Black Box – no information about penetration tests target provided

  • Grey Box – some information components about penetration tests target provided

  • White Box – detailed information about penetration tests target provided

We perform a security evaluation of the IT infrastructure and web applications by exploiting vulnerabilities in a controlled manner. Infrastructure is checked for unpatched operating systems as well as insecure service and application configurations. We use social engineering to test the human attack vector and report on compliance against your company internal policies.


To minimise any possible impact on business processes, the date and time of all penetration tests are agreed, upfront. The tests are only conducted on this pre-agreed day at the time specified. For penetration tests like social engineering or red teaming it works best if the service scope is kept to a specific, limited number of personal within the organisation.

Penetration Testing Team

Our penetration testers are highly skilled, each with over 10 years’ experience in penetration testing. They all have Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificates and further certifications include Certified Network Defence Architect (CNDA), Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE), Certified Counter-Intelligence Threat Analyst (CCTA), Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA), Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

We have eager red teamers, highly experienced in various international exercises like “Locked Shields” and “Crossed Swords” and some with a deep focus on programming.

Contact us today on if you would like to know what vulnerabilities live within your IT environment.

Threat Hunting and Incident Inspection


Threat Hunting Overview

Threat hunting is a proactive form of cybersecurity designed to hunt down compromised assets/applications, malware, vulnerabilities, and more; residing on devices, nodes, and endpoints hidden throughout your network.

Cyber Threat Hunting exposes organisation-crippling breaches, attacks, malware, ransomware, and more that most defensive cybersecurity tools such as antivirus, EDR, EPP, AV, and even hardware tools; are prone to miss.

Our Threat Hunting service is powered by Infocyte technology. Infocyte HUNT, uses Forensic State Analysis (FSA) to inspect and validate the endpoints on your network, including within live volatile memory. The technology can be deployed agentlessly and from the cloud. It runs independently alongside your existing security stack.\

Infocyte HUNT provides faster, smarter, easier cyber threat hunting and incident response:\

  • Full independence: Exclusive threat intel provides you with the basic truth, autonomous of your existing cyber security technology.

  • Unmatched speed: Detect and respond to advanced cyber threats, capable of evading the world’s best defences, 10x faster.

  • Pin-point accuracy: Within minutes, Infocyte HUNT is deployed, your network baselined and hidden cyber threats accurately discovered.

Threat Hunting Benefits

Infocyte HUNT technology allows your business to:

  • Easily and comprehensively hunt for cyber threats across your entire network — faster and at a significantly lower cost than enterprise-scale threat hunting programs

  • Eliminate undetected and persistent cyber attackers already within your network

  • Detect breaches by rapidly assessing endpoints, including user devices and servers, using Forensic State Analysis (FSA) for evidence of compromise without the burden of complicated equipment or endpoint software installations

  • Proactively discover malware and persistent threats, active or dormant that successfully breached existing defences

  • Simplify incident response, reducing downtime and costs

  • Prevent data breaches

Why use our Threat Hunting services?

With Infocyte, we provice automated, intelligent threat hunting services:

  • Implement with ease: Easily deploy Infocyte on-prem or via cloud without the need for data sanitation or specialised knowledge of attacker tactics, cyber threat hunting, or endpoint security

  • Become the hunter: Transform your team into expert threat hunters. Infocyte automates the process of threat hunting, giving you access to dig deep into forensics and eliminate threats quickly

  • Immediate ROI: Infocyte HUNT helps you eliminate attacker dwell time, limit breach damage, mitigate the breach detection gap, and reduce the business impact of cyber threats.

The Engagement

The service is based on two elements:

  • One-time threat hunt assessment

  • Annual subscription-based license

Threat Hunting Approach

Instant IT Asset Discovery – To be able to protect, you need to know it exists. We help you gain full visibility into your network’s assets and applications within minutes. We scan your network to identify and catalogue live assets such as hosts, devices, and systems that are connected to it.

Automated Threat Hunting – Cyber Threat hunting is the new standard in proactive Cyber Security. With Infocyte HUNT you can automatically and continuously hunt for hidden and advanced cyber threats.

Fast Compromise Security Assessments – Instantly assess the security posture of your network. Identify vulnerabilities, hidden cyber threats, and take steps to strengthen your security posture. Conclusive, cost-effective, and 10x faster than manual compromise assessments.

Vulnerabilities – Not all cyber attacks leverage malware. Many use vulnerabilities. Infocyte hunts for vulnerable applications on your network, helping you determine which of them have been exploited.

Instant Alert Validation – On average, security teams review 12,000 alerts each week. Infocyte HUNT automatically reviews, analyses, and prioritises your SIEM alerts, so you don’t have to. Eliminate false negatives, reduce noise, and respond to security incidents 10x faster.

Incident Response – Infocyte HUNT automatically analyses, validates, and triages alerts from your SIEM, helping you streamline incident response and remediation efforts, and eliminate attacker dwell time.

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